16 Best Social Media Management Tools for Start-Ups and Small Business

16 Best Social Media Management Tools for Start-Ups and Small Business

Best Social Media Management Tools

16 Useful Social Media Management Tools To Help Businesses Reach Out To Their Audience

hootsuite-google-search-results-knowledge-graphWhen it comes to social media, the amount of platforms that are available to use can be a bit overwhelming.  And, if you’re trying to manage a company’s various social media accounts or your agency in charge of taking care of companies’ social media accounts, you probably wish there were tools to help you out.

Great news! There are many tools that assist you as a social media, paid search or SEO consultant with whatever you need for a social media account. Do you need eye-catching content? Do you want to share other people’s content? Want to engage with the account’s followers? There are tools that will help you do all this and more.   These tools will help boost efficiency and provide you with better results.

Now, each social media management tools have features that are similar to one another, but they differ in how they’re used.


16 Social Media Management Tools To Help You Deal With Each Platform


sproutsocial.com-social-marketing-post-scheduler-analytics-logoSprout Social

Many social media agencies use Sprout Social, as it allows them to track the progress of multiple Facebook and Twitter accounts.

  • sproutsocial.com/

Sprout Social is a social media management tool created to help businesses grow their social media presence. Try it free




This is a URL shortener and click reporting tool. It’s ideal for people who use Twitter, which only offers you 140 characters per post. It will keep track of the clicks, so you know what content is bringing traffic to your website.

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One of the most well-known social media management tools is HootSuite. It’s used by more than 10 million professionals, helping them to schedule and look over your social media marketing campaigns. Hootsuite has several tools that will assist your team to produce content for any social network.





With this social media tool (a social media platform APP), you can develop visual content, set up a schedule for your customized posts and share content through Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest and Tumblr. It can also be used on iPhone and Android devices.

Everypost: Social Media Platform App  everypost.me/

Everypost is a Social Media Platform that manages multiple networks simultaneously. Discover how to maximize your business social marketing performance ...



agorapulse-manage-social-messages-toolsAgora Pulse

If you need to look over your Facebook, Twitter or Instagram accounts quickly, Agora Pulse will compile a report on all three networks for you to look over. You can use the tool to run your promotions and upload content.

Agorapulse: Simple & Affordable Social Media Management


See how AgoraPulse can work for you and your clients. Agencies. Agorapulse is the perfect, low cost solution to keep your clients happy and preserve your 



Automate your Twitter and Facebook content with one of the most influential social media management tools available – SocialOomph. You can generate welcome messages for Twitter and, with its premium options, you can use LinkedIn and Facebook as well as set up photo schedules.


Then Take The 7-Day FREE TRIAL of SocialOomph Professional ... five Twitter accounts, then our SocialOomph Twitter Unlimited subscription is your solution.




Twitter marketing tool SocialBro will help you deal with your Twitter needs by setting up times for when content will be delivered, creating ads and developing reports.

Audiense | Audience Intelligence - Unique consumer insights and ...


Audiense delivers unique consumer insight and engagement capabilities, helping organisations to grow their customer and audience bases by finding




Crowd Booster

This is a social media analytics tool to help you make decisions about your social media marketing campaign. It makes updating accounts easier since it’s done automatically. You can produce custom reports that are useful to clients. Utilize the reporting information to set up tweets at the best time.

Crowdbooster: Social Media Analytics

Crowdbooster measures and optimizes your social media marketing, providing powerful, easy-to-use analytics and recommendations on Twitter and Facebook.


edgerank-checker-logo-toolEdgerank Checker

With Edgerank Checker, you’ll be able to find ways that will increase and improve your Facebook’s content. It will allow you to produce custom material that will lead to better engagement and newsfeed response.





When you have old posts, MeetEdgar will recycle then so that you attain a larger percentage of traffic from the content.

Meet Edgar: The Social Media Queue That Fills Itself


Instead of publishing your social media updates just once and throwing them away, he carefully catalogues them in a library that you build over time




When your goal is to produce business leads, Oktopost is the management tool. Oktopost is the rival to Hootsuite and feels it makes up for what Hootsuite lacks. It helps companies to earn more whereas Hootsuite is about helping businesses scheduling content.

Oktopost: Social Media Management for B2B Marketing

Oktopost is a social media management platform designed to publish social messages, engage with social sales and support employee soical advocacy.




For people who use Pinterest, the comprehensive tool called Tailwind may help you with your marketing efforts. Tailwind can assist you with bulk uploads, creating pins for multiple boards and come up with a calendar schedule. It will also let you know when the pins get the most engagement.


Teams can use Tailwind to help them handle various accounts at one time – ideal for social media service agencies.



Another social media management tool to consider is Buffer, which allows you to set up times when you want posts to upload from links you’ve shared. Posts are shareable on Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Twitter. Buffer - A Smarter Way to Share on Social Media

Buffer makes it super easy to share any page you're reading. Keep your Buffer topped up and we automagically share them for you through the day.




Another automation tool for social media is IFTT, which allows you to market your company any social networking site.




If you want to manage your paid, earned and owned social media campaigns in one location, then SocialFlow. It suggests pins, posts and tweets for promotion, where you can use segmentation and keywords to review the campaigns.



This social media management tool will work with both LinkedIn and Twitter to ensure you find the qualified leads that are then added to the sales funnel.


Do you want to target Twitter users? If so, then you need to consider the Tweepi social media tool. This program will ensure you stay in constant contact with your followers.


What Does It All Mean?


If your business needs help with its social media campaign, then you need the assistance of a social media management tool. There are many worthwhile programs at your disposal. Find one that offers you the tools you need to ensure success for your business’ social media campaign. With the right social media management program, your company can reach out to the audience it needs and boost its bottom dollar.