SEO Strategist

Senior SEO Strategist Craig McConnel


Hi there, my name is Craig McConnel, I love to help organizations reach their goals and I like to have fun in the process.  Are you seeking a professional SEO freelancer to outsource to?  Perhaps you are in need of a senior SEO strategist to help your analyst or fulfillment teams?  In both cases... you may have found just the right resource to better fit your current needs.

With Craig You Get:

  • SEO Link Building Expertise
  • SEO Agency Experience
  • SEO Strategy Management
  • Professional Deliverables
  • Eagerness to Please
  • Full Stack Asset


Craig has been a  freelance SEO Strategist  for 16 years and previously filled the senior SEO strategist role for #1 ranked SEO agency in the USA, Digital Current.  He is ranked as one of the the top 2 link building experts in the world(second only to Eric Ward), and can solve small business and enterprise scale problems quickly.  As a top 25 voted Google Adwords Expert he has an unmatched and well evolved skill set that tackles all faucets of internet marketing from paid search to link building.

Is that enough of a SEO resume?

No of course not 🙂

He is also an adept (full stack web developer) and custom website designer with integration and cross platform functionality focus within most popular CMSs and CRMs.  You name it...and he knows where to find and how to fix problems with cost efficient and  solutions at scale and enterprise eCommerce task sizes.

  1.  Joomla templates to edit the footer?  He can find it.
  2. Fix a WordPress Plugin hack?  Oh ya!
  3. Create a dynamic PHP and MYSQl database driven affiliate site?  Yes!
  4. Get a client to the first page of Google in 60 days with high competition?  You betcha
  5. Organic, Grey Hat, Black Hat, Blue Hat and White hat in the trenches experience?  Uh Huh!
  6. Implement Conversion tracking and implement A/B Testing
  7. Perform robust conversion, SEO, and gap analyses for clients?  Yes that as well ! 🙂


The point is that he can come up with solutions to many digital marketing problems for you and your team.  He can reach goals before deadlines and will be a great fit for a select few agencies.  Start a conversation today to discuss how Craig McConnel can help you move forward with your needs.