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Organic SEO Consultant Craig McConnel

I wouldn't refer to myself as the best SEO expert in the world but, many stakeholders of Google search marketing campaigns I've managed, would.

I noticed many in the search marketing community have a lack of interest about paid search experience for SEO strategy and Search Engine Optimization positions, and although I don't feel it's profitable from a provider standpoint (PPC Management).  I am adept at that as well and feel it provides my clients and "extra-edge" in competing for online visibility.

How My Professional SEO Consulting Can Help Your Company

  • One of  my favorite things to do is to fix websites that were originally built or re-designed by paid search marketing agencies for improved organic results.
  • Another, is boosting sites back to the top of the 1st page of Google after previously successful companies find themselves steadily siphoning off organic traffic and losing rankings... usually due to poor decisions by those with too much involvement and not enough understanding of how everything works together online.
  • I have over 20+ years of pure Search Engine Optimization consultancy experience, eCommerce, small businesses and big brands with national and global locations.  You name it I have done it...well.
  • I know code in most languages, I have decades of experience with most CMS platforms, hard coding as well as functionality and can find and fix most Google problems in hours and/or days and usually less.

Hire a Professional SEO Consultant on Retainer

If you want to send someone a time sensitive problem and either have them find and  fix it immediately or describe what went wrong clearly and how to remedy it I would be a great partner.

One other thing is I excel at email correspondence and typically try to avoid phone interactions personally but I'm open to your needs and have a customer service manager that can help with assistance for phone calls.

Thanks for your time and again... the opportunity to serve you!

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P.S. – Give me a title, meta description, an H1 and H2, a few sentences or paragraphs and an image and as your SEO consultant I can usually get it to rise high quickly on search engines like Google, Microsoft Bing, Yahoo and Duck Duck Go.

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