Phoenix SEO Consultant

Hiring an SEO Consultant in Phoenix

If you want to hire an SEO consultant I'll cut to the chase and give you some suggestions to make the best choice.

The title of this page indicates that it is hiring a professional SEO in the community of Phoenix but obviously applies to any part of Arizona and even worldwide. The reason for using the tagline "in Phoenix" is to use this content for my own SEO experiments:-), so you can continue reading relax.

Characteristics of a Good SEO Consultant

I'll leave the reasons that take you to seek these services for another post. This time I will give you X factors you should consider. It is not essential to be in the order that quote but it is very important that all these are balanced.

You can find a useful guide to better distinguish good from a bad SEO page of Google Webmaster Help.

1. Portfolio SEO Works

Ni 3 masters degrees and 7 together can fight it. If the consultant who did not want to hire SEO has a portfolio of successful projects, the interview should already be doomed. Although this should not dismiss that person as nominee / yy maybe have another post vacant.

See if a link to your web or logo to show his authorship on the project. In some cases (like mine, for example.) The logo of the company or agency for which he worked appears.

2. Good Practice

Google says it very clearly:

"Although they can provide valuable services to customers, some unethical SEOs have harmed the industry with aggressive and attempts to manipulate the results of the search engines illicitly. Practices that do not comply with our guidelines can negatively affect your site's presence in Google, or may even cause removal site in our index. "

Ask what strategy to use to position your site. But neither will ask you to even the smallest detail of his work, for that you should ask before an SEO Audit.

Begins to suspect if you speak strategies "in directories", "links on other pages of high Page Rank" or "many comments on blogs dofollow" ... These practices are very dangerous and although they are not always 100% penalized should make off an alarm.

3. Marketing Online

The job of a Phoenix SEO expert consultant should not remain only on technical aspects. The search engine optimization should be the means to an end and not the reverse.

Your objectives are surely increase sales or get more contacts. Anyone who has read enough of the item can arrive visits to your website, but getting sales implies a more professional job. A Phoenix SEO consultant will also propose actions to Web Conversion (CRO), Usability, Marketing Online, etc. Develop a complete online strategy for achieving the ultimate goals.