Link Building Benefits

Link Building Benefits

As I mentioned in link building expert strategies, links are an important signal that the search engines use to rank pages. Therefore, improving the quality of links that come, we will improve the final ranking in the search results.

Besides that there are other benefits of link building that not only affect Google PageRank, but go more focused to the end user.

Build business relationships

An effective link building strategy can assume greater reach to other pages of the sector in which they work. This higher range may be due to a promotion for something you just created, as an infographic or interesting content. The purpose of disclosure is all getting a link, but not only that; disclosure helps us build long-term relationships with industry influencers in which we work, and that can translate into increased confidence in our brand.

Send referral traffic

Besides the impact of the links in the rankings, also affect the referral traffic. A good link from a site with many visits can help increase traffic. More people see the link on that page and can give us the opportunity to attract visitors to the website that may end up buying our products / services. In this case the link is not only good for SEO, so it is for consumers. That's why the guests post blogs in our industry can help increase visits to our website. If the content you write in a reference site is good, the people who rely on that page will end up trusting you for having been previously accepted by the blog in question. This influencer has already given you a vote of confidence, so too will his followers.

Brand building

A good link building services company can help to establish brand awareness and your business / company / service as an authority on the industry you work. There are many techniques to get links, how to create content, which teach the audience your experiences, and build your brand. This process of brand building through providing valuable content is the Inbound Marketing.

The importance of having pages worth linking

Before starting any link building strategy, you must first have something of value to what we want to link us. Home can be, in most cases it is, but it can also be interesting link more specific content such as blog tools we use in our daily lives, a study of our industry or graphic.

So the first thing is to be clear what we want link us and this is of value to get links. It is very difficult to get links to pages of little value, but if your content is useful, has value and serves to link you willingly, this process is much easier and will end getting naturally. The difficulty is no longer focused on finding those links almost under request, but to generate quality content to the end by converting your business or brand influential your followers.