Build a link building strategy

Build a link building strategy

Link building services for quality backlinks includes all actions which involve getting new incoming links to a site to increase its popularity. Search campaigns inbound links (backlinks) are often long to implement. They are nevertheless essential for a site since the number of links pointing to a site is a key factor in Google's relevancy algorithm.

What are the best methods to optimize your SEO backlink?
link building a schedule for the long term

In terms of planning, do not be afraid to see the long term; Indeed, setting up the link building takes time when launching and great rigor in monitoring actions. As these can be spread over time, it is recommended to always keep a monitoring tool to know exactly where you are at in your contact points in the bonds acquired and anchors (text links) updates.

From the first contact points for links, it may take several weeks before the first links in place. Sometimes it will be faster (you already know the partner site or this one is open and available for this type of partnership).

In general, the most interesting links (those from a site with a good pagerank) will be the hardest, so longer to negotiate. But the game is worth the effort: a good relationship can really propel your page up in Google.
The steps of a strategy link building

Submit an attractive location for links: prepare bait

The more you have good backlinks to a page, the better positioning in Google results (we are talking here about an already optimized page SEO on the other main criteria: tags and content link building service).

Reputations of your site, it will always be easier to get links if pages are already finalized. This means that it is not used much contact sites for partnerships link building links if your site is not yet finalized.

Already taking the time to optimize the pages you want to get backlinks: Ensure that all tags are completed correctly for a good SEO link building service(title, H1 and subtitles, meta-description for the marketing aspect). Fill these pages with quality content: minimum 300 descriptive words; the single text on the web (that is to say, not duplicated), with a real added value for users. Submit rich content with 1 or 2 external links if relevant for further information. Take the time to structure your internal mesh, this helps to transmit the "link juice" and the semantic cocoon to "push" your strategic pages.

Finally, attach yourself to finalize the layout of the pages: Create pages readable, enjoyable to browse, with pictures and illustrations for examples.

Once this work, ask yourself if, in the opposite case, you accept to link to this page. If you are not convinced yourself, how to external sites, some of which have never heard of you could be?

If these preliminary steps are completed, you can then put you to "hunt ties."

Go for the "fishing links"!

Now that your pages are worked and attractive to users and therefore to external sites, it is time to prepare your link building.
Find interesting places: 3 proposals methods

1. Look for non-competing websites that have the same topic as the page you want to highlight, tapping the main query associated with this page to Google.

2. Look for competing sites or partners and study the links (backlinks) that link to them. The software gives you a list of your competitors and inbound links to such sites. You have all the information directly to tempt you also get links from these sites. After all, if your competitors have succeeded, why not you?

Note: you will see that the backlinks of competing websites often come from directories (for small and medium sites or location-based sites) or press releases rarely relevant sites for SEO. To you to identify the best links (help you Optimiz indications, you have everything you need!).

3. For localized activity in a region only: Find media in place in the targeted region.
Search on these pages websites related to your business

The page that points to a page on your site should be the same theme as your web page or activity. Over the theme between the two linked pages will likeness, the better SEO.

Example: if you sell shoes, targeting fashion sites, blogs on shoes, gifts advice sites, etc.
Propose a partnership "non-commercial"

Once you have located a website, send a personalized email to the person in charge of the site. This information is provided directly by the Optimiz software that contains the contact details of the partner sites building

Boot into contact with these sites?

Proposes- their article writing (news, advice, etc.) on a thematic accurate directly related to their activity. Ask the person if it is possible to insert a link to the heart of the text pointing to your site.

What interest for the contacted site?

The site that you offer this collaboration will have several interests to study your proposal:

An article written already is a valuable time for him
This is even more interesting than the content of this article is descriptive, non-commercial (do not quote your products or services) and a topical theme likely to bring him qualified traffic to his site.

Note: Of all the friend requests that you shoe, you will find that only a few sites accept your request. This is the big game link building: sometimes a long time to few concrete results.

How then bounce?

Make sure your proposal is interesting (are you always in a win-win?).

Try contacting more sites to increase your chance but never skimp on the quality of your proposals. Put your trust partners: show examples of your previous publications on other sites, put all the assets on your side.

Finally made a real qualitative work on your catch Contacts: customize the application mails (you're not alone in the link building, then we must make the difference!). And if the contact e-mail does not give you back, throw you in direct contact by phone. After all you have nothing to lose, and it is not uncommon for these exchanges lead to other collaborations; know other players in your theme is always an advantage.