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Are you a business owner that has a monthly SEO budget between at $4,000-$20,000 that is currently unsatisfied with your agency?

Perhaps you need a manager to reach PPC advertising goals that eclipse $50k a month in spend?

As an expert SEO consultant services I have the experience (36k+ hours) and expertise to drive a better ROI from your investment.

(866) 675-9966 - Call My Assistant Now To Set Up a Dialogue, Do not wait 2023 is almost full!

    You can also find me online on Google Plus, Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, and just about every where else.

    Industries &Verticals I have Substantial Experience in:

    • Affiliate Sites and Lead Generation Programs
    • Automotive (Repair, New and Used Car Sales, Performance Aftermarket Hard parts), used part dealers
    • Home Services - HVAC, Moving, Relocation and Cleaning Services (Commercial and Residential)
    • Financial Sector - (Personal Loans, Education Funding, Bad Credit Finance)
    • eCommerce - Beauty, Fine Jewelry, Automotive (Repair and Aftermarket Performance), Apps,
    • Health Care - Insurance, Private Dental Practices
    • Real Estate (Commercial and Residential)?(Multi Family/Luxury Apartments/Distressed Properties and Cash Investments)
    • Financial Sector(Personal Loans, Education Funding, Title Loans, Installment Loans, Bad Credit Finance, Quick Money/Cash Loans, Refinancing, Mortgage origination, Investments, Cryptocurrency, Alt-Coins, Blockchain, ICO, Bitcoin Investments, Institutional Investing and (Bitcoin mining))
    • Multiple stores, franchises and locations, Google My Business, GMB and Google Business Profile Local SEO 3 Pack
    • Cannabis marketing including: (marijuana dispensaries, weed stores and shops, CBD and THC Vape Pens as well as growers and B2B service providers like custom menus.)

    Sites I am Currently Unable to Serve

    • New websites with small budgets
    • Existing websites with thin content
    • Less than 1 Year Engagements
    • Organizations Without Defined Goals and Budgets
    • Declining businesses - If revenues, margins or profits are declining, spending on marketing or Search Engine Optimization rarely helps a speedy recovery.