How to Out-Rank Your Competitors

How to Out-Rank Your Competitors

 URL should be most profitable conversion company 1st, second most profitable second etc...

Wordstream vs Jumpfly, New Jupiter & White Shark Media

Title - Order should follow Search Volume of competitor name

Notes about Title and URL - You do not need to include Disruptive Advertising because by default all of that is covered by being on your domain so you can cram the high value competitor data into it.

- I would only use the term media once because its takes up space and will allow ranking for all brands with media in the name

Content Recommendations

  • Content - Should include all permutations of Brand name and URL formats for each competitor but no actual backlinks...,,, WordStream, Word Stream
  • Prices - This is what the visitors want to know
  • Clients - great way to name drop all of their biggest client wins
  • Specialties - great opportunity for all the keywords you want to stuff
  • Location - Get abbreviated state and full state name as well as metro area name and city name
  • ??? - Answer any patterns of questions your experience has shown that your target client needs answered.
  • Benefits - What benefits for hiring PPC companies in general and arbitrarily attribute a unique benefit to each competitor that you don’t care about ( for small business with small budgets - white shark)

Get this piece live ASAP

  1. Distribute/Promote
  2. ???
  3. $ Profit

Enjoy beating all your competitors for their brand and URLs forever or at least until Wordstream starts seeing you under their brand and they start to throw money at outranking the piece πŸ™‚

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